Accept Credit Cards

for Your Marijuana Business

Increase your sales by accepting Credit Cards.


Businesses know the importance of secure sales transactions. But taking large amounts of cash sales to be physically deposited is time-consuming, clumsy, and dangerous. Getting your debit and credit card payment system in order is standard procedure for most businesses, but Cannabis retailers continue to struggle for fair merchant service terms and account approval despite the change in laws and full legalization in many states across the United States.

Increase Sales

Did you know that 75% of consumers would rather pay with a credit card?

Look More Professional

Your business may be “high risk” but you should never have to pay high fees or struggle to find a merchant account to assist in your needs.

Safe & Secure Processing

MMA has been helping small businesses get approved for high-risk merchant accounts since 2010.

Ready to Start Taking Credit Cards for Your Cannabis Store?

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